Current DM’s Guild Pricing Trends – Sept 2019

As I’m getting closer to having my Great Dale campaign guide released for on the DM’s Guild, I wanted to think a bit on how to price this book. I invested a good amount of funds in this effort to commission new art, purchase stock art, and to pay for the services of a skilled graphic layout individual. I don’t want to overprice the book, but I do want to recover my investment within a reasonable amount of time.

As such, I decided to take a look at the current top most popular DM’s Guild products to see how they have priced their .pdf’s. Here are two charts came up with:

Do these rates adequately compensate the people who’ve invested their time and money to craft these productions? That’s hard to answer as each product included in the data-set are very different, representing a wide spectrum of time and dollar investments by their creators.

I suspect these graphs look different than a couple years ago when the DMsGuild started. As a small creator, I am encouraged to see a majority of the offerings are now north of $0.10/pg, but I suspect these rates still greatly undervalue the time spent by many of the Guild’s creators.

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