Dungeon Denizens

One of the exciting things that happened recently for my fledgling RPG writing dream was to be selected by Goodman Games in their 5e writer’s search completed at the end of 2020. I’m still pinching myself that I get to work with a pile of great RPG creators this year.

I’m able to share I’m currently drafting content for Dungeon Denizens. It’s an utterly MASSIVE collection of creatures, culled from 20 years of Goodman Games products converted to 5e, along with a frightening horde of new ones too.

Can’t say much else at the moment. Time to get back to the writing grindstone.

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Video Review for Scrap Rats Zine Kickstarter

I’m pretty thrilled! The little Zine Kickstarter I helped put together funded on the first day of this years Zine Quest. Here’s a link to Scrap Rats.

We got a nice little video review from Tabletops & Tentacles too. Check it out:

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Scrap Rats

Scrap Rats is a fun project I’ve been working on recently.

Zac Goins was kind enough to invite me to work on his brainchild, a classless 0-level RPG based on the 5e OGL, using the Common(er) Core system.

The game leverages the great bits of the 5e D&D gaming engine but puts characters in a sci-fi universe trying to eek an existence by salvaging for scraps in the interstellar universe.

We’re producing a b/w “zine” style publication, just in 5.5″x8.5″, black and white, “zine” style publication of roughly 40 pages.

Follow this LINK to our pre-launch Kickstarter page to get notified when we launch!

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Incredible Creatures by Alan Tucker

I’ve had the pleasure of being involved in a number of independent projects over the past few months. One of these was Alan Tucker’s Incredible Creatures, currently on Kickstarter.

For this production I designed a pair of creatures based on great new art created specifically for the Kickstarter. I had fun tackling the challenge of creating a pair of tier 4 creatures.

If having more D&D 5e monsters is your thing, I highly recommend taking a look.

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Voices of the Snow

Today, I was thrilled to see something I’d published a few months back be highlighted in Onyx Path Publishing’s Community Content Spotlight.

I’d written Voices of the Snow to help celebrate the release of Frostlands of Fenrilik – a source book exploring Scarred Land‘s frozen land at the top of Scarn.

My work explored three new class options for 5e – including a new Cleric Cold Domain, an expansion on Scarred Land’s Circle of the Fallen druid option for followers of a nearly forgotten primordial, and a new warlock patron “Voice of teh Singing Snow”.

Although each of these class options are firmly tied to the myth and lore of Scarred Lands, they are easily ported to any campaign setting containing ice and snow.

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Designer’s Den Interview – 20201122

Had a great time chatting with Ginny Loveday on her Designer’s Den twitch program.

If ya missed it, it’s available here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/812413294

Eventually, the twitch video will disappear, so Ginny’s kindly uploaded our session to youtube here:

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Upcoming Interview on the Designer’s Den

I’m pretty excited to get a chance to chat with Ginny Loveday on her twitch show “The Designer’s Den” this coming Sunday (Nov 22, 2020 – 5pm est).


Ginny’s a talented RPG designer with some impressive credits on her resume. On top of that she’s a pretty cool person to talk too!

I’ll be giving away a free copy of my latest DMsGuild publication, Dunwood – Demons, Druids, & Danger to one lucky viewer on Sunday’s stream.

If you’re not busy and want to see me make a fool of myself, tune in!

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Dunwood Published

After months of work, my collaborative effort “Dunwood – Demons, Druids, & Danger” is finally available for purchase on the DM’s Guild.

The production totals 109 pages. Inside you’ll get:

  • An overview of lore surrounding Dunwood and a detailed exploration of three areas – The Great Road, Forest Blood Dale, and The Depths of Dunwood
  • Detailed encounter tables to kick start your ideas for adventuring in these lands
  • Nine new adventures are written by some of the DM’s Guild’s most talented creators
  • Five detailed NPC threats around which to build campaigns in the region
  • Exquisite maps of the region and tactical maps for each adventure
  • Superb layout and page design by Anna Urbanek
  • Beautifully illustrated with newly commissioned art from Christine Cain, Daniel F. Walthall, John Latta, Paul Paloma, Petar Penev

Although this supplement focuses on a region of the Forgotten Realms, the material provides a wealth of ideas for DMs creating adventures in home worlds afflicted with a demon-tainted forest. Please consider taking a look!

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Dunwood – nearing completion

The last 10% of any project always feels the longest. We’re soooo close to having my Dunwood project ready for publication on the DMsGuild.

Our draft layout should be finished in the coming weeks. I then have a list of edits to apply to create a clean version. Hopefully, we can release this on the DMs Guild later this month.

I’m still amazed by the level of talent who contributed their work to this effort. Attached is a draft layout showing the end of an adventure written by Shawn Merwin titled “The Armanite lance”, followed by “Revenant” created by Steve Fidler.

Can’t wait to share the finished product soon!

Commissioned art by John Latta. Stock art by Blake Davis. Cover stock art by Nicula Mircea.

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Dunwood – Draft Layout

After much work, I’m finally looking at the first drafts of my new DMs Guild production – Dunwood: Demons, Druids, & Danger. Its filled with lore, encounters, and short adventures centered in, and around, Dunwood (Rawlinswood) of the Forgotten Realms. There’s still a lot to do, but we’re still on track to publish it this month (Oct 2020).

Our layout is being created by the talented Anna Urbanek of Double Proficiency. She’s done a wonderful job of pulling together the text and images I’ve provided into a cohesive and attractive layout.

Take a look at a few of the wonderful draft spreads she’s provided.

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