Beddwyr the Young

Beddwyr was the hale and hearty son of a tanner in the small village of Bannog. Though he
was never terribly bright nor observant, Beddwyr alwcity_guard_captain_by_windmaker-d57hk98ays had a genial nature to him that others found endearing. Beddwyr’s father, through a remarkable chain of events, found himself owed a great debt by Sir Allistair a revered knight of the realm. Sir Allistair agreed to accept Beddwyr as his squire as partial payment for this debt.

The knight and squire departed on a great quest to seek out a fabled lost treasure, taking the pair far from Beddwyr’s home. Unfortunately, Sir Allistair took ill and soon died of a fever, leaving the young squire barely trained and far from home.

Character partially inspired by the image “City Guard Captain” by “Windmaker on deviant art”





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