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Horrific Necklace – Cegilune’s Lament

What better magic item to give to a powerful hag than the shrunken head of a rival, hung from her neck like a pendant? Introducing Cegilune’s Lament, a legendary magic item that Dread Polly Mudmouth possesses. She’s the main villain … Continue reading

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Dread Polly Mudmouth

The villain behind my Fey’s Bargain adventure series is the Dread Polly Mudmouth, an ancient green hag who has plagued the countryside for years untold. She set up the events behind both F1 – A Fey’s Anger and F2 – … Continue reading

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Natisse Mossripple

The following is a backstory of an antagonist I created for a Dungeons and Dragons adventure I’m currently writing. The adventure opens with the PCs visiting a prospective gnome patron, Brudgepiddle Raddishfoot. As their patron begins explaining the task he … Continue reading

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Customizing Thundertree – Part 1

How I put my own spin on a piece of The Lost Mine of Phandelver (LMoP). Fair warning: This post contains spoilers of some elements of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, D&D’s 5th Edition Starter Set adventure. If you wish to … Continue reading

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