A Fey’s Lair – Finished!

I’m pretty happy that I stuck to my schedule and published the last piece of my D&D side-trek adventure series on the timelines I’d set for myself. In truth, I missed the “end of summer” by one day, but I’ll put the blame on that to my wonderful friends and family who proof-read the production. Feedback is a two-edged sword, it makes your product better but you end up revisiting pieces of your work that you thought were finished. A Fey’s Lair is now available for purchase on the DM’s Guild.

Overall, I’m quite happy with the experience to date. Late last year I set myself a goal to publish a D&D adventure module on the DM’s Guild. Early on I realized that the realities of work and family life would limit my ability to deliver the product I’d initially envisioned, and so I decided to chop my idea into three pieces. The smaller scope helped me stay on focus and things published more quickly.

One of the hardest pieces of creating these products was changing how I write for it. Although D&D adventures share some similarities with story writing, they are not stories. I needed to scale back my exposition and focus on what a dungeon master was looking for. I still believe I need to improve in this area, but I think I’ve made significant progress, particularly if you compare my first production A Fey’s Anger to the new publication A Fey’s Lair.

So what’s next? 

I’m super excited to have been invited by Jeff C.Stevens to submit an adventure for a compilation he’s putting together. I consider Jeff to be a successful publisher on the DM’s Guild and so I’m honored to receive the invite. I also have a couple small submissions being considered for community publications – one on magic items and one on villains. Crossing my fingers, something may come of this as well.

Beyond that, I’m not sure what I have planned. I do know however I’ve enjoyed catching the writing bug and look forward to crafting my next adventure!

About the scheming dm

dad. husband. gamer. human Zamboni. trying to squeeze money from electrons.
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