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The Sinister Shadowfell Amulet

For the past year and a half, I’ve been running my regular home crew through D&D’s 5e Curse of Strahd campaign. Normally I take portions of various published adventures to craft a longer campaign. This time however I’ve run an adventure … Continue reading

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Customizing Thundertree – Part 1

How I put my own spin on a piece of The Lost Mine of Phandelver (LMoP). Fair warning: This post contains spoilers of some elements of the Lost Mine of Phandelver, D&D’s 5th Edition Starter Set adventure. If you wish to … Continue reading

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A Dads And Kids D&D game

One of the enjoyable surprises that I’ve had this past year was starting up of a dad’s and kids D&D campaign. A couple of friends that I’ve gamed with happen to have kids about the same age as mine. The … Continue reading

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