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Horrific Necklace – Cegilune’s Lament

What better magic item to give to a powerful hag than the shrunken head of a rival, hung from her neck like a pendant? Introducing Cegilune’s Lament, a legendary magic item that Dread Polly Mudmouth possesses. She’s the main villain … Continue reading

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Open Source Art

I’m nearly finished my latest D&D adventure for the DM’s Guild. I’m hoping to have it posted there at the end of next week. Although I’d love to commission artists to craft work to include in my productions, at this point … Continue reading

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My Next Production

The progress on my next DMs Guild production hasn’t moved along as quickly as I’d like but I’m targeting to get it up and published by the end of next month. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover. It will … Continue reading

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Subterranean Hollow Map

Here’s a nearly finished map I’ve made for my next Side-Trek adventure “F2 – A Fey’s Evil”, which is a continuation of the story begun in “F1 -A Fey’s Anger” (currently available on the DM’s Guild. With some luck, I’ll … Continue reading

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Something I’ve Been Working On

With the release of 5th Edition D&D, the Wizards of the Coast have setup an online market, the Dungeon Master’s Guild, to allow the general public to sell custom-content. One of the objectives I set for myself last year was to … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Coast

Here’s a map I recently sketched for a new D&D campaign I’m hoping to start in the new year. This regional map is based in my larger home-brew campaign world, but in an area that I haven’t had players explore … Continue reading

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Old D&D Sketches

We’re currently doing renovations on our house, which has slowed my posting rate here. However, the relentless moving of stuff within the house has given me the opportunity to sort through some old boxes. In doing so I came across … Continue reading

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