Jebedda – the One Eyed Gnome

After many years being the dungeon master for a group of friends, one of the players volunteered to take over the DM’ing duties so I could enjoy playing a character for a while. I created a bard for the game and we assigned experience so that my character wouldn’t be too far behind the rest of the party.

Through a series of e-mails sent prior to my first game as a player, I jokingly lamented that I was just shy of having enough experience to gain a level and asked how much experience a one eye’d gnome was worth.  There’s a long running joke in the group that one of the other player’s characters, a one-eyed gnome warlock/wizard, was consistently dangerous to the party because his history of ill-targeted area effect spells.

After some back and forth ribbing, someone suggested that writing a song about the gnome would surely be worth enough xp to level. After that, how could I not but accept the challenge and so I quickly cobbled together the following rhyme.

The Story of Jebedda, the One Eyed Gnome

Far in his youth
In a dungeon was he thrown.
Taken with his family
By captors unknown.
To rot in a cell
For years all alone,
Sat Jebedda in sadness
A lonely young gnome.
He waited and dreamt
That his legs could still roam,
And again see the sky
Or return to his own home.
Yet freedom came slow
Until hope had nigh flown,
Till at last he found release
By a dwarven chaperone.
And the plight of his parents?
No light has yet shown.
In flight, on the run,
Companions were sown.
As a group of five strangers
Did together they roam.
They crossed many lands
Over water, land and stone.
During these travels
Did a threat he bemoan.
Attacked by a wolf,
To the ground was he thrown.
With a raking of claws,
And a biting of bone.
The battle did rage
Till the beast last lay prone
Leaving Jebedda near death
With but on eye alone.
A wizard, a caster,
He pulled magic from tomes.
And to a dark hidden master
A secret oath he intoned.
And so spared was his life
But by whom was unknown.
And so begins the tale
Of Jebedda
The One Eyed Gnome.


About the scheming dm

dad. husband. gamer. human Zamboni. trying to squeeze money from electrons.
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