Uthmere Rejuvenated

In my upcoming campaign guide to the Great Dale, we’ve included two pages of lore describing the current state of the city of Uthmere.

In the 1300’s FR, prior to the events of the Spell Plague, Uthmere was a small but thriving city of nearly 9,000 souls. In my take on the regions history, the Year of Blue Flame (1385 DR) had the city rocked by a series of earthquakes. The damage devastated many buildings and took the life of its ruler Lord Uthlain. Then when the Easting Reach receded during the Year of the Halfling’s Lament (1386 DR), the economy fell apart as ships could no longer dock at the city’s ports.

For the next century, the city withered to a fraction of its former glory. It became nothing more than a glorified trading village of a little over 400 inhabitants.

With the Great Rains that ended in the Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls (1486 DR), the waters of the Easting Reach returned making Uthmere’s port a viable option again. Unfortunately, these rains brought added pain to the city as the Dalestream broke it’s banks damaging many of the structures near the river.

In the current year of the Forgotten Realms (1492 DR), the city is booming. It’s population now surpasses 1,000 individuals, and grows daily as people arrive to seek their fortune in the growing city. Traders are returning and factions rush to build a power base in the frontier town, making it an exciting and dangerous place for adventurer’s to visit.

Here’s a map of Uthmere updated to the current year by the talented Daniel Walthall,


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