New Project and Artist Spotlight – Nastya Lehn

One of the exciting things that grew out of my adventure writing effort with Jeff Stevens and Karl Resch is a second DM’s Guild project. We chose to locate our adventure in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting. This setting is a sprawling world created by Ed Greenwood and which now serves as the basis for most of the Wizards of the Coast’s published D&D adventures. I chose a location that was well documented in on of the previous D&D editions. Unfortunately I grew frustrated trying to find any 5th Edition updates for this area. So what does a writer do when he doesn’t find what he’s looking for? He makes it up!

I decided to write my own update for this region. As I jotted down my ideas, I realized they would make for a great new DM’s Guild publication. I reached out to a number of DM’s Guild authors and was incredibly surprised that nearly everyone was interested in helping out. I now have a team extremely talented writers working with me to flesh out this new production. Expect to hear more about the team and our effort in the coming months.

What I wanted to share in this post is the artist who I commissioned for the cover art for this new project. Nastya Lehn is a talented digital artist whose art already graces the cover of a number of DM’s Guild products. I highly recommend you check out her ArtStation site to see samples of her work.

Below is a tightly cropped image of the cover art she created for this new project . She did a great job capturing the ideas I wanted to portray on the cover and I can’t wait to showcase the full image when we get closer to publication!

nastya lehn - sneak peek

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