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Beddwyr the Young

Beddwyr was the hale and hearty son of a tanner in the small village of Bannog. Though he was never terribly bright nor observant, Beddwyr always had a genial nature to him that others found endearing. Beddwyr’s father, through a … Continue reading

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Grinth of Trithereon

The following is a character background I created for a play-by-post (PBP) D&D game that I joined a few years back. On reviewing this old draft, I see there’s a good deal of word-smithing I would want to do, but there’s … Continue reading

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The Beginning

Everything starts somewhere, and so this is the start of my blog. Why am I starting a blog? What am I trying to say? In truth, I’m not yet sure. Like many, I’ve dreamt of writing something, or rather publishing … Continue reading

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