New Campaign Starting Map

Attached below is the regional map I created for a  D&D campaign that I started earlier this year. One of the things I like to do when starting a new campaign is to ensure that all of my players have a tie to the story and a reason for working together. The land that I mapped helped to craft the backgrounds and motivations that would tie each character into the heart of the story.

I had decided to run Curse of Strahd. The adventure takes place in Barovia, a land ripped from its home world by unseen dark powers, trapping its residents within its fog encircled borders. The thought that Barovia might once have been part of my own home-brew campaign world was very appealing to me.

My campaign world is not terribly original given its very strong European flavor. Still, it’s something I’ve enjoyed building for a number of years. Conveniently, my roughly sketched world contained a undefined area that could nicely house a land with a central / east European feel, one from where Barovia was plucked.

So gaze upon Daochalt – a land that carries strong Germanic and Slavic influences, and the start of my Curse of Strahd campaign.



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