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New Map for A Fey’s Lair

Here’s a sneak peek at a tactical map that will be included with my next production. Advertisements

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Play Test Musings

Last evening I had the pleasure of running a play test for a new Dungeons and Dragon’s adventure that I hope to publish later this summer. I had one scheduled player drop out at the last minute but I was lucky enough to … Continue reading

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Kind words are nice to hear

I was thrilled to receive some feedback today from an internet friend who’d picked up my two published side-trek encounters from the DM’s Guild. Here’s what they wrote: I read through A Fey’s Anger and just got A Fey’s Evil. … Continue reading

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DMs Guild Sale?!?!

Wow. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the two modest publications I currently have available for sale on the DMsGuild are included with their Chrismas in July promotion. It appears the site effectively cuts their cut of sales for … Continue reading

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The Wassail Wand

Here’s a new magic item that I included with A Fey’s Evil, my second published side-trek encounter now available on the DM’s Guild. The Wassail Wand Wand, Common (requires attunement by a spellcaster) Fashioned from an apple branch, this short … Continue reading

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A Fey’s Anger Sales Report

This past March I published my first dungeons and dragons adventure, A Fey’s Anger, on the DM’s guild. It is a single encounter, but one that is wrapped in a larger backstory as it’s the first of a three-part series. … Continue reading

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Part Two – A Fey’s Evil – Published

  Woo hoo! I’ve managed to stick to my schedule and get part-two of my side-trek encounter series finished and uploaded to the DMs Guild. The encounter is called A Fey’s Evil. It picks up shortly after the encounter presented in A Fey’s … Continue reading

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