Finishing the Forgotten Realms campaign guide to the Great Dale

I’ve posted very little this summer as I’ve been consumed with finishing up my Forgotten Realms campaign guide to the Great Dale. I’m dove into the effort with little expectations and soon found myself coordinating the efforts of fourteen different writers and artists who’ve each contributed to this production.

Thankfully, I’ve benefited from the editing talents of Christopher Walz and I’m just about to hand off all the text and art to Travis Legge to work his layout magic. What a fantastic experience.  I don’t yet have a timelines for when this will be available on the DM’s Guild as I expect we’ll need a few rounds to get the layout right for our print version as the print and digital versions will be released at the same time.

We’ve ended up with the following 11 chapters:

  1. Peoples – including 1 new player character race
  2. Classes – 11 new class archetypes
  3. Backgrounds – 3 new character backgrounds
  4. Feats – 6 new feats
  5. Spells – 18 new spells
  6. Items of Interest – 13 new magic items
  7. The Lands – a full description of the Great Dale including Dunwood, The Dale and the Forest of Lethyr, as well as a summary of the neighboring regions. We’ve got a new map showcasing the Great Dale and one of the recovering town of Uthmere.
  8.  History – a brief history detailing events from the arrival of dark elves during the elvish Crown Wars to my interpretation of events up to the year 1490 DR.
  9. Factions – an outline of groups that have influence in the region
  10. Friends, Foes and Creatures of Interest – a bestiary detailing 15 NPCs, 13 new monsters including my interpretation of the Demon Lord Eltab
  11. Adventure Ideas – story ideas for DM’s to transform into adventures for campaigns in the lands of the Great Dale.

As a teaser, here’s a piece of art produced by the talented Petar Penev illustrating one of the archetypes, a Nar Demonbinder.



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