Natisse Mossripple

The following is a backstory of an antagonist I created for a Dungeons and Dragons adventure I’m currently writing. The adventure opens with the PCs visiting a prospective gnome patron, Brudgepiddle Raddishfoot. As their patron begins explaining the task he wishes the PCs to undertake, the pixie described below arrives to enact vengeance upon the unsuspecting gnome.

Natisse Mossripple and Briar Brightleaf were young pixie lovers exploring the mortal world when they befell Dread Polly Mudmouth. The evil hag was immediately infuriated by the pair, for which she stripped Briar’s spirit from her body, trapping it within an enchanted melon the hag kept for just such an occasion.

The exact details of their transgression against the evil hag is left to the discretion of the Dungeon Master. Stealing from the hag’s garden, trespassing within her domain, or insulting the hag in a way that only the fey can understand are all good possibilities. Regardless of whatever folly the pixies may believe they have done, it was likely the result of trickery enacted by Dread Polly to catch the hapless fey in a compromising situation and then bind them to an unwelcome bargain.

The bargain that Natisse found herself agreeing to was servitude to Dread Polly for a year and a day. Natisse would perform whatever tasks the hag might ask of her, all the while Briar’s spirit would remain trapped with Dread Polly and her lifeless body remain propped atop a shelf in one of the hag’s many hovels. Only after her year of faithful servitude by Natisse would Dread Polly free Briar’s spirit and allow the pixies to go on their way.

Natisse was true to her word and did her best to fulfill Dread Polly’s requests. The hag’s initial tasks were simple and the pixie had no problems completing them. But the hag was devious and patient as she was evil. Dread Polly used her tasks to slowly corrupt the good hearted pixie, forcing Natisse to do things that challenged her inner goodness. By the end of the year, Natisse had become tainted by the hag’s influence and the increasingly malevolent tasks she had been forced to complete.

When Natisse beseeched the hag to release Briar after her year of service, Dread Molly regretfully informed her she could not,

Yes it is true, your service is done and the year is through,

But I cannot return your beloved Briar to you.

She is gone. Her spirit taken away.

By a vile gnome with eyes of grey.

A tinker by trade, he works with fire and soot.

The one to seek is Brudgepiddle Radishfoot.

The hag then claimed she took pity on poor Natisse and told the now corrupt pixie where she believed the gnome could be found. She gave Natisse some enchanted items so that the pixie she might recover her love and perhaps inflict some vengeance upon Brudgepiddle for his supposed evil deed.

In truth, the hag had fooled the gnome Brudgepiddle for she had similarly captured the spirit of the gnome’s love within an enchanted melon just like the one which held Briar’s soul. A simple sleight of hand trick resulted in the gnome mistakenly taking the enchanted melon holding Briar’s soul, and thus nicely setting up the conflict for the start of this adventure.

The art in this post is called “Bedeviled Pixie” by Seraph777 on deviant art. I thought the image was a perfect fit for this tragic pixie.


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