A Dads And Kids D&D game

One of the enjoyable surprises that I’ve had this past year was starting up of a dad’s and kids D&D campaign.

A couple of friends that I’ve gamed with happen to have kids about the same age as mine. The three of us are avid D&D players, so when someone suggested getting together for a game with our kids, it didn’t take much for us to agree.

I ended up offering to DM the game. I chose “The Lost Mines of Phandelver”, the dnd_starterboxadventure that come’s with 5th edition’s Starter Set. In my opinion, this may be one of the best introductory D&D adventures released to date. It has a fairly straightforward story that makes it easy for new players to follow, while still presenting enough choices for players to feel like their decisions matter.

We started with two dads and three kids and have managed to play nine sessions since we started last year. My youngest just joined the group in our last two sessions, so we are now up to six total PCs in the group:

  • Asha of Dragetann, a female human barbarian, outlander/sage
  • Magnus of Dragetann, a male human druid, outlander/folk hero
  • Kiyram Totoroff, a male half-elven ranger, outlander
  • Tymar Fireborn, a male dwarven fighter, soldier
  • Caelynn Siannodel, a female elven wizard, noble
  • Liya, a female human bard, spy

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing about my experience running this game and the fun I’ve had expanding upon the base story-line. I hope to detail some of the characters and explain how I’ve used their backgrounds to tie them to the story, thereby expanding the adventure to go beyond what is published with the starter set.




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