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Dread Polly Mudmouth

The villain behind my Fey’s Bargain adventure series is the Dread Polly Mudmouth, an ancient green hag who has plagued the countryside for years untold. She set up the events behind both F1 – A Fey’s Anger and F2 – … Continue reading

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Old D&D Sketches

We’re currently doing renovations on our house, which has slowed my posting rate here. However, the relentless moving of stuff within the house has given me the opportunity to sort through some old boxes. In doing so I came across … Continue reading

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The Three Gems of Brudgepiddle Raddishfoot

Ash is one of the character’s in my Dad and Kids 5th Edition D&D campaign is. We’re currently running through the Lost Mine of Phandelver, but instead of being based in the Forgotten Realms I’ve placed the game in my own … Continue reading

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The Beginning

Everything starts somewhere, and so this is the start of my blog. Why am I starting a blog? What am I trying to say? In truth, I’m not yet sure. Like many, I’ve dreamt of writing something, or rather publishing … Continue reading

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