A new Khyber Khronicle article

This month I was hard at work crafting my next D&D article for Khyber Khronicle.  It’s a character class design related to the Eberron magazine’s next edition, that being the continent of Argonnessen. I won’t spill the beans too much about it, but I’m really excited for it to be published.

The work to craft this article was an interesting design challenge. It forced me to balance game mechanics and class advancement, all the while trying to stay true to concepts that have been central to the D&D game for years.

I don’t think it’s perfect but, I’m quite happy with the results. I’m pretty sure it’ll be fun to play. I’m eager to see how the finished version will be received by others in the gaming community.

Ah well.. enough for now. Back to the word-processing grindstone.

The art for this post is of course a crop of J.R.R Tolkien’s fantastic “Conversation with Smaug”. The Hobbit was one of the books that was instrumental in stoking my interest with D&D. How fantastic is it that I’m now having fun writing stuff related to the things I loved as a kid!

About the scheming dm

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