Artist Spotlight – Fez Inkwright

I’m at that challenging point in adventure writing where I’ve laid out the story elements I want to include, and I’ve got the structure of my document pretty well defined, but now I need to actually string coherent sentences together to bring it to life. This is the part of writing I always find challenging, the point right before I dive in and do the heavy lifting to get real words onto the page.

So what does one do when face with this terrible situation? Why procrastinate of course!

What better way to procrastinate than to start showcasing some of the great artists I will be using in an upcoming work I’ve got underway with the talented Jeff Stevens and Karl Resch (see my previous post HERE ). We won’t have this ready for publication until the end of this summer, but I’ve already acquired some wonderful art that we’ll include in our finished work.

This week I’d like to showcase some work I commissioned from Fez Inkwright .

Fez does wonderful b/w line work and is particularly good at incorporating natural elements into her designs. For our production, I wanted some images to add as watermarks or to include in a page border. Here’s what she came up with. I think she did an incredible job of capturing the ideas I’d sent her way.

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