New D&D Campaign Adventure Hooks

Character Adventure Hooks

In the new year I may get a chance to start a D&D campaign with a new group of players. The game will be based in my home-brew world, in an area that I haven’t yet explored in my previous campaigns. The starting map for the campaign can be found in this post:  The Forgotten Coast
I always like to integrate player character backstories into my campaign setting and include some connection to the adventures to come. Below is a list of adventure hooks I created for my new players. I have tried to create a variety of reasons why the characters might be in the small fishing village where the campaign kicks off. My intent was to make each background generic enough that the players would have plenty of room to customize the backgrounds and make them their own.

In Her Lady’s Service: You are in the employ of The Lady of the Rose Keep, the Baroness Gilda Morain. She has asked you to travel to Silas Cove to determine if rumours of a smuggling operation located in the area are true. Given the meager resources of the Forgotten Coast, shutting down a smuggling operation is an important task.

Rough Seas: You were travelling on a ship sailing along the Forgotten Coast when catastrophe struck. Perhaps you abandoned ship when pirates attacked, or a terrible storm blew in and sank your vessel. Whatever the calamity, you washed ashore in Silas Cove and one of the locals nursed you back to health. Now that you’ve recovered, you feel indebted to the villagers for their kindness. About that, they have a favour to ask…

Born and Raised: You’ve lived in Sillas Cove your entire life. Its mostly boring, though the constant threat of pirate raiders, highway thugs and monstrous incursions from the eastern wilds keeps most people on their toes. You’ve grown tired of small village life and are eager to seek adventure. You’ve always wanted to see if the wild stories you’ve heard growing up are true.

Laying Low: You don’t consider your self a bad person, but someone else definitely does. For right or wrong, people are after you. You’ve fled to the farthest and least interesting place you could think of – the Forgotten Coast. You now find yourself in Sillas Cove wondering if you’ve left your troubles behind you. Where did you come from and why did you flee?

Eyes on the Coast: The Order of the Golden Pheasant is a secretive group operating within the Principalities of Allosais. Few know their true objectives but it is said they look out for their own. Through a strange train of events you’ve found your self recruited into this mysterious group. You have a limited understanding of their motives, but you’ve been sent to Sillas Cove where they’ve told you someone will contact you with further instructions.

Ancient Ruin Seeker: Though the Forgotten Coast is now a rocky wilderness, ruins of past civilizations can be found throughout the region. One such site has drawn your interest and you have come to Sillas Cove to begin your search.

Irrational Journey: Visions of a nameless horror have troubled your sleep and occupied your mind preventing you from continuing with the mundane tasks that had until recently occupied your life. You’ve followed a strange urge and left your home. You find yourself in Sillas Cove, uncertain of why you are here, and wondering about the truth behind the terrible visions you’ve seen

The art at the top of the post is by pechschwinge . A rowdy tavern always seems like a great place to start an adventure. She’s got some great fantasy art on her deviant art page. Check it out.


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