Finishing that thing…

Sometime last year I set myself a goal to write and publish an adventure on the Dungeon Master’s Guild, a public marketplace set up by Wizards of the Coast to support D&D’s 5th Edition. This started a seemingly never ending dance between work, re-work and procrastination. But at last my goal is nearly completed as I finished a first draft of a short side-trek D&D adventure last week.

My first draft is quite different from what I had originally envisioned. My initial thoughts were to craft a complete adventure with multiple encounters, pre-generated characters and advice on how to link the contained story to other published 5e adventures. I very much wanted to craft a product that D&D fans would find intriguing to read and useful for play at the game table.

My ambitions were bigger than I was ready for. Holding a full-time job that at times can be very demanding, while at the same time being a part of a family with active kids limited the amount of  I felt able to set aside to work on my creation. I tried setting deadlines to finish aspects of the document, which help to an extent. I soon recognized that withmy current time limitations it would take an exceedingly long to finish the draft I had initially imagined. I believed that the longer something took to complete, the more likely other priorities might impede and continue to push back completion of this project.

So I reworked my vision. Instead of trying to create a single large adventure, I was going to focus on completing simpler “side-trek” encounters. These would consist of a single encounter but with a comprehensive back-story and detailed non-player characters. The reduced scope would hopefully allow me to finish things in a timely manner. Assuming I crafted these side-treks properly, I would later bundle them together to create a larger “complete” adventure.

I’m happy to say that my revised strategy seems to be working.

This week I plan on finishing the final edits to my first side-trek adventure and hope to upload it to the DM’s Guild site soon there after. I’ve already started working on the second side-trek encounter that I hope to have ready later this spring.  At this rate, my “complete” module may not be too far down the road after all.

My planned Fey’s Bargain Adventure Series:

  • F1 – A Fey’s Anger – Side-Trek Encounter (March 2018)
  • F2 – A Fey’s Evil – Side-Trek Encounter (target publication Spring 2018)
  • F3 – A Fey’s Lair – Side-Trek Encounter (target publication Summer 2018)

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