Kalzok’s Lair

This week brought me a great sense of relief and satisfaction seeing my most recent effort make it onto the DM’s Guild. I’m pleased to share that “Kalzok’s Lair” was included as a bonus release for Jeff C Steven’s Villains and Lair’s production as a reward for reaching the Electrum sales level (> 260 units). It’s a wonderful production filled with over fifty unique NPC’s complete with backstory and game statistics to easily plunk into home D&D games. Thirteen of these NPC’s also include a detailed lairs to adventure in. I highly recommend it, and not just because I’ve got something within. It really is a well done product that is useful for DM’s creating adventures at home.

For this effort, Jeff forwarded me an image and asked me to create a backstory and motives for the villain. In this case the image was a great portrait of a minotaur by Dean Spencer. Dean offers a great selection of sci-fi and fantasy themed stock art at very affordable rates. I’d highly recommend checking out his offerings on Drive Thru RPG and his patreon site if you are interested in including professional quality images in your works.  I’ve recent signed up as a patron and hope to use his work in future DM’s Guild publications I’ve got planned for next year. 

It turns out I really enjoyed the exercise of crafting the villain and was even more appreciative of getting a chance to create a lair for this creature. It was a good challenge for me to tighten my writing so that it was more in line with current D&D adventure styles. Writing succinctly with just the right amount of detail that DM needs to run an adventure is not easy and still something that I need to work at. I think my contribution to Villains and Liars may be an indication that I’m making some progress int that direction.

And of course there was maps! I had fun drafting a secret lair for my minotaur pirate, and given my tenancy to write more than intended, I also created an outline of the island where Kalzok’s lair is found. This of course required me to draw the island as well. In the end, I suspect my finished lair write up was probably longer than Jeff was expecting. However, Jeff was very gracious and accepted my effort pretty much as written. I hope a few gamers out there will be able to make use of my work and I look forward to the chance to collaborate on other publications in the future.

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