The Three Gems of Brudgepiddle Raddishfoot

Ash is one of the character’s in my Dad and Kids 5th Edition D&D campaign is. We’re currently running through the Lost Mine of Phandelver, but instead of being based in the Forgotten Realms I’ve placed the game in my own home-brew world. Ash’s backstory includes a gnome tinkerer/wizard named Brudgepiddle Raddishfoot who was her tutor as well as a close friend.8caf57e03c77cf71dc7d8b3f8a9bdecd

“Brudge” arrived in her village many years before Ash was even born. He had fled from the destruction of Thundertree, a village from the starter module that I’d transplanted into my home world. Brudge rarely spoke of what happened to his old home or why he and his fellow villagers had to flee. His few words on the subject were usually limited to saying that it was a terrible day and one that he’d rather forget.

Some of Ash’s earliest memories include watching the gnome working in his modest workshop. Though she never developed a talent for magic, Ash loved to listen to his wild tales of dragons and beasts and other mysterious powers that haunted places unseen by men. He would tell her these stories while building practical creations that made life easier in their remote northern village. His contraptions included wind driven pumps, machines of  gears and pulleys to lifted the heaviest of loads, and glorious lanterns that filled the village with a warm glow at night.

Yet for all of these public creations, Brudge secretly toiled away at a single item – a small  figure fashioned from tin and brass and silver. This figure was shaped like a young gnomish woman with a face that was surprisingly soft given its metallic form. Though Ash had often watched the gnome toil away on his secret creation, Brudge had never shared with her why he did so.

Brudgepiddle’s work was meticulous. He crafted delicate springs, fashioned tiny pinions and wove fine wires to allow his creation to articulate and move in a most graceful manner. But for all its beauty and craftsmanship, his creation never truly worked, at least not in the way he wanted.

The gnome was a wizard of modest talent. His enchantments, though functional, were fleeting in nature. To make his automaton function as desired, he needed a source of magical energy that he couldn’t summon, one that wasn’t fleeting but constant. He needed power source that would drive his creation.

So when Brudge learned that Ash would leave their village on a quest, he’d made a request of her. Should she ever pass near the ruined village of Thundertree, he asked her to seek out his old tower. Therein, hidden beneath a flagstone on its lower floor, he’d hidden three magical gems that he’d hoped would one day power his creation.

Ash and her fellow adventures have now reached Thundertree, however, she has discovered that her gnomish friend’s tower has now been taken over by a dragon. I’ve added a few more items to this encounter than are contained in the published adventure, but I’ll leave that description to a future post.

Until then, described below are the three gems with their 5th edition stats that Brudgepiddle hid in his tower so many years ago.

The Green Gem


Attunement Required.

While carried, this gem provides the bearer with a +1 bonus on all Constitution Saving Throws and a Resistance to Poison Damage.

It’s brilliance varies throughout the day, gradually transitioning from a dark forest green to a brilliant emerald and then back again.


fb85a3d2a1038cf5bd43d7b4c70ec53bThe Red Gem

Attunement  Required

While carried, this gem provides the bearer an additional +1 hit point on every hit die rolled to regain hit points. This bonus is gained from any type of healing.

This deep red gem always feels unnaturally warm to the touch.

The Blue Gem071916b06e531490f6131f19f6ff2515

Attunement Required

While carried, this gem provides arcane spell casters with a +1 bonus to DC and Spell Attacks for any spell cast.

This bluish-purple gem hints of mystical energy as faint motes of light dance within.



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