Furdin’s Axe

Here’s a simple magic weapon crafted for my home D&D game.

Furdin’s Axe

Weapon (great axe), rare (requires attunement)220b19c371abd2d439cdde8053c82e47

The last wielder of this weapon for Prince Furdin II, who was the crown prince of a small dwarven holdfast located on the western edge of the Shield Mountains. Furdin II was lost during an expedition to reclaim the ancient dwarven fortress of Stone Fist.

The axe was an heirloom from Prince Furdin’s line. It was believed to have been forged by ancient dwarvish artisans that are said to have toiled in the depths of the now abandoned fortress of Stone Fist.

The axe itself is of fine craftsmanship. Its heavy steel head is decorated with intricate dwarven engravings which are highlighted with inlays of orange and yellow.

Combat: You gain +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon.

Resilience of the Mountains: While attuned to this magic weapon, the wielder may roll a d4 and add the number rolled to one saving throw of their choice. This ability may be used once per day, with the ability becoming available again at dawn.

Seeker of Stonefist: While attuned to this magic weapon, its wielder becomes aware that the axe came from the lost dwarven fortress of Stone Fist. Over the course of time, the attuned wielder grows to think of Stone Fist more and more, wondering on the fabled dwarven hall’s location. They also develop a sense that they have an obligation to return the magic weapon to its place of forging.


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