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Horrific Necklace – Cegilune’s Lament

What better magic item to give to a powerful hag than the shrunken head of a rival, hung from her neck like a pendant? Introducing Cegilune’s Lament, a legendary magic item that Dread Polly Mudmouth possesses. She’s the main villain … Continue reading

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The Wassail Wand

Here’s a new magic item that I included with A Fey’s Evil, my second published side-trek encounter now available on the DM’s Guild. The Wassail Wand Wand, Common (requires attunement by a spellcaster) Fashioned from an apple branch, this short … Continue reading

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The Three Gems of Brudgepiddle Raddishfoot

Ash is one of the character’s in my Dad and Kids 5th Edition D&D campaign is. We’re currently running through the Lost Mine of Phandelver, but instead of being based in the Forgotten Realms I’ve placed the game in my own … Continue reading

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Battlehelm of Grawln Splinterstone

There’s a good chance that the players in my Dads and Kids D&D game may come across the following magic item in their next session.

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Cadeyrn Feykin’s Shield

Here’s a magic item one of the players in my Dads and Kids D&D game recently received.

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Furdin’s Axe

Here’s a simple magic weapon crafted for my home D&D game. Furdin’s Axe Weapon (great axe), rare (requires attunement) The last wielder of this weapon for Prince Furdin II, who was the crown prince of a small dwarven holdfast located … Continue reading

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