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Kalzok’s Lair

This week brought me a great sense of relief and satisfaction seeing my most recent effort make it onto the DM’s Guild. I’m pleased to share that “Kalzok’s Lair” was included as a bonus release for Jeff C Steven’s Villains … Continue reading

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Old campaign introduction

While looking through some old notes, I came across a brief introduction I wrote for a new D&D campaign I was going to run for my home group in a home brew world I was crafting. This was back when 3rd … Continue reading

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Horrific Necklace – Cegilune’s Lament

What better magic item to give to a powerful hag than the shrunken head of a rival, hung from her neck like a pendant? Introducing Cegilune’s Lament, a legendary magic item that Dread Polly Mudmouth possesses. She’s the main villain … Continue reading

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Open Source Art

I’m nearly finished my latest D&D adventure for the DM’s Guild. I’m hoping to have it posted there at the end of next week. Although I’d love to commission artists to craft work to include in my productions, at this point … Continue reading

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Dread Polly Mudmouth

The villain behind my Fey’s Bargain adventure series is the Dread Polly Mudmouth, an ancient green hag who has plagued the countryside for years untold. She set up the events behind both F1 – A Fey’s Anger and F2 – … Continue reading

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New Map for A Fey’s Lair

Here’s a sneak peek at a tactical map that will be included with my next production.

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Play Test Musings

Last evening I had the pleasure of running a play test for a new Dungeons and Dragon’s adventure that I hope to publish later this summer. I had one scheduled player drop out at the last minute but I was lucky enough to … Continue reading

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