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My Next Production

The progress on my next DMs Guild production hasn’t moved along as quickly as I’d like but I’m targeting to get it up and published by the end of next month. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover. It will … Continue reading

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a peek at the next side-trek

So I’ve started working on my next side trek adventure to be titled A Fey’s Evil. It’s a continuation of the story that began in A Fey’s Anger that I recently published on the DM’s Guild. I feel with the first … Continue reading

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Finally Done!

At long last I’ve finally jumped into the self-publishing world. I just uploaded a side-trek adventure I crafted to the DMs Guild.  My adventure is called A Fey’s Anger, and is intended to be the first of a three-part series … Continue reading

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Finishing that thing…

Sometime last year I set myself a goal to write and publish an adventure on the Dungeon Master’s Guild, a public marketplace set up by Wizards of the Coast to support D&D’s 5th Edition. This started a seemingly never ending … Continue reading

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Natisse Mossripple

The following is a backstory of an antagonist I created for a Dungeons and Dragons adventure I’m currently writing. The adventure opens with the PCs visiting a prospective gnome patron, Brudgepiddle Raddishfoot. As their patron begins explaining the task he … Continue reading

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Old D&D Sketches

We’re currently doing renovations on our house, which has slowed my posting rate here. However, the relentless moving of stuff within the house has given me the opportunity to sort through some old boxes. In doing so I came across … Continue reading

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My Daughter’s Fighter

Last year I ran an introductory adventure for my two daughters and three neighborhood friends. It was a short adventure I threw together – a simple linear quest that saw them investigate a crazed wizard’s laboratory, defeated gigantic mutated rats … Continue reading

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