Looking Forward After One Year On The DM’s Guild

I’m astounded to check the calendar and realize that a year has gone by since I published my first D&D adventure on the DM’s guild. A Fey’s Anger, went live March 23, 2018. For me it was an exciting moment, something that my 12 year old self would have marveled at so many years ago.I’m happy to say I’ve stuck with writing and publishing since then. In the past year, I’ve managed to publish the following:

I’ve also queued up a few publications in the coming months. I have a new submission almost ready for the next volume of the Khyber Khronicle. I also have an adventure lined up for the second volume of Jeff Steven’s “Encounters on the Savage Seas” due to be published later this spring.

Goals Second Year

I hope to continue submitting articles for the Khyber Khronicle. This work has been a fun challenge for me as I’d had limited knowledge of Eberron before researching for the first article I wrote for the publication. What a great D&D setting to dive into. One thing that I’ve particularly appreciated is the need to meet consistent deadlines for the monthly publication. Deadlines come FAST! Needing to meet those deadlines has done wonders for improving my writing. It’s helped me develop a little discipline, making sure I write a bit each day to ensure I meet their deadlines even while I juggle the every day struggles of a full time job and a busy family life.

I also plan to continue throwing pitches at opportunities that arise. I’ve submitted a few this year and haven’t gotten lucky yet, but I believe if I keep plodding away at writing, good things should come. I am cautious however to make sure I don’t over commit. The last thing I’d want to do is miss a deadline.

The Big Exciting Project

For me, the most exciting thing I have underway is a project to craft a large multi-level adventure for the DM’s Guild. I’m ecstatic to be working with Jeff Stevens and Karl Resch on this project. They both bring an infectious creative passion and a wealth of ideas to every working session we’ve had. I truly excited to see the what we’ll come up with. Here’s a little bit about my partners in crime:

Karl Resch

Karl is a wonderfully creative individual with an unhealthy appreciation for kenku and all things fey. You might notice his name in the play-test sections of a few WOTC publications. Mike Shea interviewed Karl for his Sly Flourish site back in 2016. It may give you a little insight into how Karl approaches playing D&D.

Karl has a few, extremely good publications available for purchase on the dm’s guild. I highly recommend you check both of these out:

  • Fear of the Dark – a creative under-dark themed adventure with an interesting twist on potions to include in your own campaign.
  • Court of Stars: The Trinket Lord” from Dungeon #205. Karl wrote a little about creating this 4E article on his blog

Jeff Stevens

Anyone who’s spent some time looking for adventures on the DM’s Guild should recognize Jeff’s name. He’s been incredibly prolific publishing his own adventures and producing large compilations, many of which have become best sellers on the guild. One of the great things about Jeff is he likes to give opportunities to new creators and artists to participate in his productions. I am forever grateful that Jeff asked me, a fledgling adventure writer, to contribute to one of his products. It helped boost my confidence to reach out to others in the D&D writing community.

Jeff has a large number of best selling titles on the DM’s guild, but might I suggest a few of his smaller productions:

  • Night of the Rise – an intriguing adventure that Jeff recommends everyone try
  • The Lair of Glaucous – an adventure with options to run it as a two players (i.e. just one player and one DM)


Something I’m very pleased with getting a number of artists to create work for our production. This is the first time I’ve commissioned work, and I think we’ve got a talented group of folks working with us. In the coming weeks I plan to share a little about the artists we’ll be using.

As a teaser, I’m happy to anounce that the cover artist for our main production is Petar Panev. Yes, that means I’ve got another artist lined up for a planned second related product, but I’ll share information about that in a future post.

We’re still at the beginning of this creative effort. I don’t expect we’ll have a finished product until near the end of this summer, but I thought I’d share one of the preliminary concept sketches that Petar created:

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