The Beginning

Everything starts somewhere, and so this is the start of my blog.

Why am I starting a blog? What am I trying to say?

In truth, I’m not yet sure.

Like many, I’ve dreamt of writing something, or rather publishing something. Many times I’ve thought of the next great novel I’d write, inspired to craft an exciting story that someday would grace bookstore shelves. I’ve also played role playing games for most of my life, with the most well known being the venerable dungeons and dragons game. It seems my home office has sheaves of paper squirreled away in hopes that one day the collection would magically coalesce into a finished product to be enjoyed by gamers the world over.

Until now, those ideas have been just that – ideas. Jumping into crafting a novel or writing a gaming adventure for publication is probably a little more than my current schedule can handle given my full-time job, my part-time investments, and most importantly my family and all they entail.

So for now I’ll start small.

I’m hoping to share some of the concepts and ideas for role playing games that seem to occupy much of my leisure time. Perhaps I will share insights from the gaming group I’ve had the privilege of playing with for over 25 year. Maybe I’ll describe the rewards of running a dads and kids D&D game, or possibly the challenges of starting a new Superhero game with my girls.

Whatever it will be, it will be a start, and I’m eager to see where this start takes me.


About the scheming dm

dad. husband. gamer. human Zamboni. trying to squeeze money from electrons.
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One Response to The Beginning

  1. Dissonance says:

    Love to hear about someone stepping out and doing what they’ve always dreamed of doing. The best piece of advice I was given: ‘Write every day, no matter what. Something is always better than nothing.’


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